April 13, 2017 through July 13th, 2017  Opening reception April 13th, 2017 6pm-8pm.

FP3 Gallery  346 Congress Street, Boston, Ma 02210, 617.261.7425

Small Worlds: Looking Glass

Growing up in and around a small industrial city that was surrounded by rural landscapes, mixed media artists Josh Falk has always been influenced by the juxtaposition of these two worlds and the often subtle ways in which they overlap. As if the city itself was a living terrarium, Falk would learn and respect the ways in which two opposites could naturally coexist and complement one another throughout his life.

Highlighting the intricate beauty of plants and nature, “Small Worlds” is an ongoing macro-photo series shot with the intent of not only showcasing the subtleties of what we often take for granted in nature, but to also create new abstract landscapes through manipulation of depth of focus and segmentation of the larger picture.

As if the photos themselves and their glass-like finish are windows into a brief moment of time, Josh Falk invites the viewer to look out, or perhaps in, to a new and reimagined world of nature and its complex beauty.